The Shake: NFL Players Team Up to Study Medical Cannabis

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The Shake: NFL Players Team Up to Study Medical Cannabis
The New York Times editorial board, in a piece about “outrageous sentences for marijuana,” takes a look at Lee Carroll Booker, 75, who faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole after being caught growing 30 or more cannabis plants in 2011.
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How harmful is cannabis? – podcast
What has convinced some researchers that the risks of heavy cannabis use now warrant public health campaigns to warn people of potential harm? How real is the risk of psychosis among vulnerable users of the drug? And why has the number of young …
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Historic Cannabis Torch Passing Down East Coast Hits Concord – Photos
The torch, which looks like a big joint with real flame emanating from a gas tank it its tip, began its trip in Maine and will end in Miami. New Hampshire was its first symbolic passing, and as you'll see from the hundreds of pictures linked below …
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Health should come first with medical cannabis
Missourians suffering from cancer, seizures, ALS, Parkinson's disease, debilitating pain and many other medical conditions often find themselves waiting for new treatments to be made available in hopes of getting relief. Without action from the …
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Worlds Largest Women’s Marijuana Organization Moms for Marijuana Appoints Mother-Daughter Team – Cheryl and Aimee Shuman As New Executive Director and Deputy Director

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Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2014

Moms for Marijuana International has named the vibrant mother-daughter team, Cheryl Shuman as its next Executive Director and Aimee Shuman as Deputy Director. Cheryl Shuman will take the role of Executive Director, bringing her 25 years skills of public relations, media, product branding, and business development to the blossoming non-profit organization. Aimee Shuman will continue to support her mother and join in her astounding work in the Marijuana Moms Movement, through her position as Deputy Director. The dynamic Cannabis duo will become the new faces and representatives of the Moms for Marijuana mission effective on May 11, 2014 – just in time for Mother’s Day.

Former Executive Director, Serra Frank, said, “Cheryl and Aimee have accomplished so much extraordinary progress in Cannabis reform, world wide, reaching millions of parents through the utilization of mainstream media. It was an easy decision,” said Frank. “Everything I have ever seen them do has been historic and monumental in Cannabis reform. Together, they will lead the Executive Direction of Moms for Marijuana into the future.”

Cheryl, who will take over as Executive Director for Ms. Frank, said, “I’ve known Serra for many years now and have always been inspired by her vision and dedication to moms and parents around the world. I am honored by the opportunity to join such a dynamic and ambitious organization, with such a clear and focused mission—improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable, women and children. Our partnership with Moms creates a wonderful opportunity for women around the world to follow in the footsteps of Pauline Sabine from the 1930’s who led a group of dedicated women to overturn alcohol prohibition. Today, we are witnessing the beginning to the end of cannabis prohibition.”

Frank will retain her position as the Founding Director of Moms for Marijuana. “I have also taken on the task of being the Director of the Official Mom Squad (the organization’s membership),” she said, “to continue to guide Moms for Marijuana into becoming everything I have ever envisioned.”

Deputy Director Aimee Shuman states, “Women are the secret to legalization. We are the family decision makers and influencers in society. After all, women buy 85% of all household and consumer products, according to Adweek. Now we can use that influence to change laws, save lives, families and introduce parents to new possible careers in the green rush. As an entrepreneur, it’s exciting to be on the ground floor of the cutting edge of making news and witnessing the convergence of celebrity and cannabis culture.”

“The right leadership team is everything. Working with Cheryl and Aimee these past few years, it was evident immediately that it was a perfect fit in terms of values, integrity and personality. The addition of Aimee and Cheryl Shuman on our team elevates Mom’s stature, adding prestige and thus creating a positive ‘halo’ around the organization. The value of their ability to provide global celebrity and media exposure for our organization are priceless,” said Serra Frank, Founder of Moms for Marijuana International.

About Moms for Marijuana International:

Moms for Marijuana International is a grassroots network and organization of parents and other citizens across the world who are concerned with what they consider an ignorant war that continues to be fought against the Cannabis (Hemp or Marijuana) plant, and how it is negatively affecting the future generations of this earth. They focus on raising awareness, promoting education, and cultivating discussion about every aspect of the Cannabis plant, its history and prohibition, as well as the potential it has for the future.

Since its creation, by Serra Frank in 2005, Moms for Marijuana has grown into a global organization of parents actively working to change the stigma that surrounds the Cannabis plant and its consumers. Moms for Marijuana has a twitter following of 22,000 people, and a facebook following of over 225,000. In 2012, they also started a sister chapter called Parents for Marijuana, that has a facebook following of over 30,000.

Frank says, “Everything in life changes, and we must change with it. The only constant in life is that continuous change. We have recreated ourselves and our group numerous times over the last 10 years, and now it’s time to do it again. We have been working to redesign our website and hope to have it published soon. It is our intention that, through our website and our presence, we will help to educate the world’s parents about all aspects of Cannabis, and bring attention to the dire need for global examination and re-utilization of this extremely beneficial plant.”

About Cheryl Shuman Inc. :

Cheryl Shuman’s TV reality started at age three with Charles Kuralt. By age seventeen, she had made several television appearances and was offered to appear regularly on The Bob Braun Show on WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, which led to a national recurring segment on PM Magazine. At age twenty-three, Cheryl relocated to Los Angeles to become know as the “Optician to the Stars” and created a new business, Starry Eyes. As CEO of Starry Eyes, Cheryl worked on some of the biggest films, TV, and music properties generating multi-million dollar revenues. This success led to her own show on the QVC network and a mutually rewarding seven-year relationship that included product placement, production and branded entertainment divisions.

In 2006, Shuman was diagnosed with cancer. After years of following failed allopathic medicine treatments, she opted for medical cannabis in the form of raw juice and oils as an alternative. Her success using medical cannabis led her to found the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Today, Cheryl is the most visible and recognizable woman in the medical marijuana reform movement, recently receiving the 2013 Activist of the Year Award at Seattle Hempfest. Together Cheryl and Aimee, her daughter and EVP of Cheryl Shuman, Inc., have reached over 100 million viewers worldwide while appearing on such mainstream shows as CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, The Katie Couric Show, The View, ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, Fox Business News and many other media outlets. Cheryl Shuman is represented by the prestigious William Morris Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills. For more information, please visit

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Marijuana Activist David Malmo-Levine Joins Team as Guest Author

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2014, a reliable source of information on the marijuana industry in North America, has recently added the well-known cannabis activist David Malmo-Levine to its roster as a guest author.

For more than two decades, David Malmo-Levine has been an active and vocal member of the pot community. He is the owner of the Herb Museum in Vancouver, is the author of chapter 3 of The Pot Book, is an editor at Potshot magazine, and is a writer at Cannabis Culture Magazine. David is also a security consultant for cannabis farmer’s markets.

In his first article for entitled “Treat The Herb Like An Herb,” Malmo-Levine questions the existence of studies on cannabis, such as those focusing on smoking safety or proper dosages. The author brings attention to the fact that testing protocols on safety and efficacy were initially performed because of problems with synthetic medicines, and so this should not be the case with herbal medicine.

Malmo-Levine states in his article, “Cannabis activists are letting an important opportunity slip through their fingers – an opportunity to remind the world that cannabis is a herb – not a pill – and should be treated as such.”

David Malmo-Levine has been active in the pot community since 1992. He is the owner of Vancouver’s Herb Museum, the author of chapter 3 of The Pot Book, an editor at Potshot magazine, a contributor at Cannabis Culture Magazine, and is a security consultant for cannabis farmer’s markets. One day, David hopes to open a medical marijuana dispensary for healthy individuals.

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