Gallup Finds Record-High 66% Support Marijuana Legalization in U.S.

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Gallup Finds Record-High 66% Support Marijuana Legalization in U.S. | Marijuana Policy Project

WASHINGTON, DC — A new Gallup poll released Monday shows support for making marijuana legal in the U.S. has reached a record high of 66 percent, up from 64 percent last year. Only 32 percent are opposed. The poll found majority support spans the political spectrum, with majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents in favor. Support among […]

Gallup Finds Record-High 66% Support Marijuana Legalization in U.S. | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Hemp Processing Facility Update and U.S. Hemp Industry Updates

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Hemp Processing Facility Update and U.S. Hemp Industry Updates
In other industrial hemp news, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is now looking for farmers to participate in their hemp pilot program that was ordered by the state legislature, last year. "It will be the first time that hemp has been grown …
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'Hemp Road Trip' stops in Johnson City
Rick Trojan who runs a hemp farm in Colorado is behind all of this. He said hemp farms are profitable and can create jobs. He also said hemp can be used to make food, clothes and even construction materials. Right now the federal government is …
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Missouri lawmakers push to restore hemp as crop
Most people reflect proudly on the idea of Mayflower's sails waving in the wind as America's first settlers approached the new land. But those same people probably don't realize those sails symbolizing our foundation were made mostly of hemp. The hemp …
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Industrial hemp on the road to legalization
Congress introduced legislation in 2014 with the Farm Bill, which allows universities and industrial institutions to cultivate industrial hemp for limited purposes, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In Missouri, legislation …
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U.S. Weed Channel Debuts On Roku As First Dedicated Cannabis Focused Television Shows

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 05, 2014

The United States Weed Channel, Inc. today announced the launch of a special video channel that provides educational and entertainment programming strictly based around cannabis content. The channel, now available on Roku is also being prepped for distribution on Amazon, Apple, Google and other streaming networks.

The U.S. Weed Channel (USWC) is the brainchild of entrepreneur and activist Shane Doull, who was arrested twice and forced to close down his medical cannabis dispensary and face California’s Superior Court system. “I did everything correctly–to the letter of the law and still was arrested,” states Doull. “When law enforcement can’t get it right, it sends the wrong signal to the general public. I felt it was important to have an outlet to inform the American public about everything related to marijuana.”

Twenty states and the District of Columbia already have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. (Missouri legislators have approved a limited bill to allow the use of hemp extract to treat some people with epilepsy; it is awaiting Gov. Jay Nixon’s signature.) Several states – including Florida (medicinal), New York (medicinal) and California (recreational) – are considering some form of legalization. Poll after poll reveal a march toward legalization, with a recent CNN national survey showing 55 percent of all Americans now favor it, compared to just 16 percent some 25 years ago.

(See chart:

USWC’s series of free programs keeps the adult viewer up-to-date with information related to the legalization of marijuana, provides factual knowledge in an educational format, safety tips, newscasts, medical updates and insightfully analyzes recent social acceptance. The channel also provides a lighter look at marijuana activity as well, with shows such as the “420 Honeys Gameshow”, “Happy Farmers”, “Comfort Cannabis Cookery” and even a “Chill Channel” where you can just watch the grass grow, literally.

USWC is advertiser and viewer-donation supported, thus free to the general public. However, viewers are encouraged to join the the ‘Be A Bud Club’ where members can receive prizes, free products from supporting advertisers, gain access to live events before other viewers and other benefits.

More info:

Be A Bud Program:

Affiliate Program:

U.S. Regulating Private Businesses And Freedoms

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David continues with callers discussing the raging injustices across our country from the demonization of Bundy Ranch Protestors, the efforts to marginalize and monitor our children as “Domestic Terrorists” in our schools and the legislation being put forth to legalize hemp and regulate the industry.
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U.S. Senator Rand Paul speaks on Senate Bill 50

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U.S. Senator Rand Paul joined a bipartisan lineup of witnesses who testified before the state Senate Agriculture Committee in support of Senate Bill 50, state Senator Paul Hornback’s legislation to establish an administrative framework for industrial hemp, on February 11 in Frankfort.
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Chris Taylor is running for the District 48 State Assembly Seat in Madison, Wisconsin. In this video she responds to the question “Would you support hemp and/or medical marijuana legislation?”

This video was taken on May 31, 2011, at a Candidate Forum held at the Barrymore Theater. In this Forum, Chris introduced herself and responded to a variety of questions demonstrating that she will best represent the citizens of Madison’s east side, Monona, Blooming Grove, McFarland and Dunn in the District 48 State Assembly.

Vote for Chris Taylor, Tuesday, July 12th!

Chris Taylor’s Priorities:

— Protecting Working Families & Creating Living Wage Jobs
— Protecting and Enhancing Individual Rights
— The Rights of Women
— The Rights of the LGBT Community
— Our Children’s Future
— A Quality Public Education
— A Clean and Safe Environment
— Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care for Singles, Seniors and Families
— An Open, Transparent Government

Chris Taylor Website

Chris Taylor Facebook

(ALGA) American Seed & Oil Company Entry into $500 Million U.S. Hemp Market, Found on Bloomberg BusinessWeek Site, Now Quietly Expands into Colorado

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

The American Seed & Oil Company, a subsidiary of Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA), announced last week a strategy launched last January to enter the existing U.S. $ 500 million Industrial Hemp market.

The announcement can be found on Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

The Company subsequently released details to expand its existing hemp farming operations in Vermont:

Today the Company made public its efforts to expand into Colorado.

In June this year, Management participated in the first annual Weed Stock Conference in Denver, Colorado.

At the Weed Stock Conference, the Company engaged a number of local parties in early negotiations to establish hemp and marijuana farms in Colorado. The Company is also exploring retail and wholesale operation pilots in addition to possible cannabis tourism projects.

To learn more about the Company’s cannabis business strategy and the progress to date in the development of that strategy, visit the Company’s new American Seed & Oil Company website. In particular, read ‘The Introduction Of The American Seed & Oil Company’ found on the website to specifically learn about the Company’s current hemp crop and all three new cannabis industry subsidiaries.

About Algae International Group, Inc. and The American Seed & Oil Company, Inc.

(OTC: ALGA) Algae International Group, Inc. first became interested in the cannabis opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil. While the ‘promise’ of the cannabis market is great, the path to achieving the ‘promise’ is unclear. An incubator improves the odds of success in an early and rapidly evolving market by building multiple, complimentary businesses with an initial strategy to explore market opportunity rather than to attempt seizing market opportunity prematurely. Accordingly, the Company is starting with three incubated subsidiaries, and will continue to explore the introduction of additional complimentary subsidiaries. As subsidiaries develop to a viable stage of independence, the Company will spinoff such subsidiaries creating independent ROI opportunities for parent shareholders.

Learn more about the incubated subsidiaries at

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