Chia vs. Flax vs. Hemp. Which seed is better for weight loss?

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Nosh + Nourish with holistic nutrition expert Abra Pappa of
Chia/Flax/or Hemp. Which seed is better for weight loss?
Recipe using flax seeds:
Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe:
Granola Recipe:
Chia Lime Refresh Recipe:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A step by step video of how to measure, mix and place hemp into formwork to make a hemp – lime wall in a residential home. (For more details and photos)

Filmed on location in Culburra Beach, Australia
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jose ander
    | Reply

    Hello is it safe to eat both chia seeds and flax seeds in the same day? And
    what’s the safe amount for both of these seeds to eat daily

  2. Kathy P
    | Reply

    You never mentioned the high content of fat in the seeds but okay

  3. Lily Sims
    | Reply


  4. sunnihope
    | Reply

    Awesome!! Thanks for all the info!!:)

  5. Youssef Azami
    | Reply

    Hi Abra,

    I use a Vitamix for daily smoothies. Should I still grind the flax separate
    or will the Vitamix do that for me?
    Would I need to soak the chia before putting them in?
    Hemp is expensive would I be ok just buying chia and flax, or should I just
    buy hemp?


  6. sunnihope
    | Reply

    Also is it bad if you have to much seeds??? Digestive wise? 

  7. Armando Piña
    | Reply

    Great advice on using all three seeds. Why limit ourselves.

  8. arpeemac
    | Reply

    is jogging 1-2 hours a day a way to lose weight?

  9. Alej Peir
    | Reply

    I love intelligent posts! Thumbs up!

  10. Bradley Abbott
    | Reply

    erm, there is 9 essential amino acids not 8 – in general, however this
    video has been educational so thank you

  11. Sariah Piedrasanta
    | Reply

    I’m 40, from Guatemala. Growing up I loved Chia Kool-aid lemonade…yes I
    know we raise our eyebrows from all those sugars and artificial crap in
    Kool aid. My mom used to make a lemonade, add the Chia and just add a hint
    of Kool-aid for color and we loved it! I can’t believe it’s so popular now.

  12. Nora Qudus
    | Reply

    I love these New Age fruit cakes as much as the Bible Thumping freaks in
    fact often these two fringe groups culturally and politically converge they
    are baseless and convoluted in their thinking and presentations that I can
    discern in between the gaps of the inconsistencies they present..

  13. Abaan Shaikh
    | Reply

    Hi dear abra can u tell me that if one has blood pressure problem can these
    seeds been taken or these seeds will shoot up the bp level

  14. Shazia Bilal
    | Reply

    I wana a wait lost plz uper body with breastfeeding as well but my armsor
    my tummy I wana look good plz help me

  15. ubiquitous anon
    | Reply

    i love you , marry me

  16. jamil1985
    | Reply

    You guys should create a nice Step by Step video tutorial on how to build a
    hemp house, ill be your first customer to buy the DVD. Many people are
    looking to move out from the city areas as house prices are becoming very

  17. bfinfinity
    | Reply

    I agree about this being a GREAT VIDEO, WELL DONE! Thank you for being so
    clear and being such a good teacher…we need a lot more of these videos
    explaining even more details of building a hemp house/structure. I have
    seen really bad vid’s that have horrible noise, what they CALL music, and
    they tell nothing about what they are doing: USELESS. So if you could
    counter by making more vid’s and teach us more. We need help since there
    are not a lot of educational videos featuring Hempcrete. Since you are
    doing it and you know, you sure could HELP US! 

  18. Kathy BlueWolf
    | Reply
  19. ReikiBuddha
    | Reply

    This video should have 100 million views. Its too bad humanity is asleep
    and these people want to pay 30-year mortgages instead of building a hemp
    home for under 50k. Thanks for making a great video.

  20. 655Robert
    | Reply

    because of the cellulose

  21. Pavel Pupkin
    | Reply

    Thank you! useful video

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