Farming is all about aeration

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There would be no overstatement if we say that farming is actually all about aeration. It does not matter whether you have a small tract of land or a large one. It also does not matter whether you are farming for commercial purposes or for pasture land. Aeration is required every day for your land whether you are growing grains or grass. It is aeration that will ultimately change the entire structure of your land in three different planes. Firstly, the physical structure of the soil is changed along with the texture. Compaction and hardpan conditions are removed and porosity is introduced. On the chemical plane, you add fertilizer and lime, pesticides and other products and change the pH value of your land in order to make it more productive. Finally, on the biological plane also you use various products so that the bacteria and fungi or algae are all kept under control while earthworms flourish. The pasture aerator is required for the discharge of all these roles in your attempt to change the structure of the soil in the three different planes on your pasture land.

Aeration is basically the process of introducing air into your pasture land. Without air no microbial activity is possible and since air needs a carrier in order to be introduced right down to the roots this carrier has to be water. Pasture aerators are, therefore, always challenged with water management since it is by managing water that you are actually ensuring that your pasture roots get aerated. The main fight that aerators need to fight is against compaction. For achieving complete success in this fight the aerators need to have tines that are designed scientifically. These specially designed tines are the shatter tines that have well designed angles and offsets that can break the compacted layers right down to a depth of even more than 7”. While Sportstine and Finetine are needed for greens and approaches the row crop cultivators are needed to keep a good control over the weeds that tend to grow between two adjacent rows. These cultivators have gauge wheels that control the depth while the three point linkage raises and lowers the cultivators.


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