Kaneh Bosm: The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the Old Testament

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Chris Bennett takes a look at the fascinating references to cannabis, under the Hebrew name ‘kaneh bosm’ (spelling – qoph nun he’ – bet shim mem) in the Old Testament text that have been suggested by anthropologist Sula Benet and other researchers, with interviews from Prof Carl Ruck, Dr. Ethan Russo, David Hillman PhD., as well as drug historians and authors Chris Conrad, Michael Horowitz, Martin Lee, and Michael Aldrich. Included is a discussion of the linguistics behind the theory as well as a look at the references in context of the Biblical story line and the use of cannabis by the surrounding cultures who influenced the Jewish cosmology, such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Canaanites and Scythians.

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POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: We discuss the future of marijuana in Canada with super-activist Ted Smith of Cannabis Digest.

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  1. Bread Sandwich
    | Reply

    Yes, it was angels, not dressed up shamans. This is probably why God keeps
    cannabis in its illegal state, because we fail to recognize its holiness
    and continue on with the silly childish pot popular culture. Why should
    God give it to us if we refuse to revere it, and use it only for fleshly
    intoxication, fitting in, being cool, behaving ridiculously? And no need
    to use “gods” etc. to prove the marijuana argument, God and the Bible are
    enough. Thou shalt have no other Gods but me. This is why in Exodus, the
    formula containing Kaneh Bosm in the most holy of anointing oils was
    forbidden to be used by “lay” people and only by the designated few. I see
    below you’ve mentioned that Eden of Genesis is a child story that Darwin
    has liberated us from. Well I’m here to tell you that in no way does the
    Bible stand in opposition to what is commonly referred to as “evolution.” 

  2. cindybin2001
    | Reply

    So some pot smoker sent me a link to this video, thinking it would
    enlighten me. I have gone round and round with this guy, trying to explain
    things to him, and he just keeps saying the same things, and accusing me of
    all this wrong stuff. I am about ready to block him. He is just like all
    the other pot smokers I have talked to online over the past ten years.
    People are HORRIBLE. Here is his latest post and my reply:

    David Connary2:03 PM

    You want me to be unhappy, in pain, depressed and unable to keep food down
    from taking pharmaceutical drugs but don’t want me to be able to eat and
    hold food down, feel happy and have no pain lifting my mood. that’s how you
    come across, there are more deadly things like pharmaceutical drugs,
    alcohol and vaccines , that give people diseases, disorders and often
    death, you keeping the sheep from that which is good and chasing them to
    fields of poisons, you are not a good shepherd.

    AAARGGHHHHH OH YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I am saying we shouldn’t use
    mind-altering drugs to get high and stoned and have “fun” and be “happy”
    recreationally! That isn’t what TRUE fun or happiness is! Can’t you see
    that?? Of course I don’t want anybody to be in pain or unable to keep food
    down! And if someone uses marijuana for those reasons, and it works for
    them, then that is a GOOD thing! But that doesn’t mean it is okay to use
    marijuana just to get high and have fun recreationally! CAN’T YOU SEE

    And then you tell me about dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol
    over and over that over that of course these things are dangerous! We
    shouldn’t use alcohol, either! And of course there are dangers to
    pharmaceutical drugs! But that doesn’t mean we should smoke pot just for
    fun! That isn’t the same at all! Most people are taking pharmaceutical
    drugs to treat an illness or condition they don’t want to have in the first
    place, not to get high and have “fun”! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT???? OH YOU ARE
    JUST DRIVING ME NUTS! I am going to have to block you to keep from having a
    nervous breakdown! I don’t block many people, but I mean it, if you keep
    this up, I have to block you. There is something wrong with you. I don’t
    know if you are one of those who has some kind of mental disorder or what,
    but if you are, then that would explain it and I can’t blame you for this
    kind of behavior and attitude. But if this is just YOU, then you are

  3. Atlove Clark
    | Reply

    Kaneh Bosm: The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the O…:

  4. Lorraine Rhodes
    | Reply

    I have believed this for years. I am a Christian and have been trying to
    explain this to my church, .I want to send this to them but you won’t get
    many Christians behind you with the shirt with the skull on it though!
    just saying. Thanks for all the info put together in one place!

  5. SpirituaLee X
    | Reply

    Hahaha… Amazing information… And, perfect ending… : )

  6. x BublizZ
    | Reply

    So what if drugs (including alcohol, Jesus’s wine?) was used by prophets to
    manipulate people into believing in them, since every religion started out
    as a cult?

  7. carpo719
    | Reply

    Great video.
    The implications of this are astounding, as today we demonize drugs. In
    fact, some call pot the “DEVIL’S WEED…” which could be seen as heresy if
    cannabis was indeed sacred. Which it is.
    But hearing people say that pot smokers cloud their mind, and cannot
    connect with god, is a common theme. I use psychedelics, and have heard
    christians tell me they are evil, etc.
    But I have connected to my version of ‘god’ through them. IF the ancients
    were indeed taking psychoactive substances, which they were, who is to say
    that my version of god is not the exact same one as them? It’s
    funny…these ancients still had it together. Today’s religious are just
    confused and following mistranslated theories.

  8. Youtubehasaids
    | Reply

    I think those captions are a little too quick.

  9. edmdantes88
    | Reply

    I found this very interesting, but I would strongly disagree with the
    assertion that the spiritual experiences were caused by the cannabis. I am
    a devout Christian, and have been a smoker, and my personal experience is
    that my relationship with God is very real, and completely independent from
    my experiences with cannabis. And lest you think that I merely caught a
    buzz and thought I saw God, allow me to clarify… I have had what I
    consider to be supernatural encounters with God when I was not smoking AT
    ALL. Not for months or years beforehand. And there have been times (at
    least a dozen) when I have been stoned OUT OF MY MIND… I mean way out in
    outer space stoned, and while I found it intensely pleasant, none of them
    were religious to me in any way. My belief in God is in NO way based on or
    caused by any of those experiences. I can understand the speculation by
    those who are not believers themselves, but as one, I offer my personal
    experience as evidence to the contrary. Aside from that, I found this very
    interesting, and find the thought of cannabis in Heaven completely logical
    and pleasant! :)

  10. 1611kjvbibleone
    | Reply

    The Scythians were the Israelites, Northern 10 tribes. LOOK UP
    and Greeks were Israelites..

  11. The1NonlySavior
    | Reply

    If you look at the Bible they talk about the fallen angels and the devil
    was cast down to earth with his angels they had rebellion against God the
    Almighty. They made reference that only the high priest were to use these
    things back in the day. It seem to be that man got a hold of the these
    psychoactive plants and began to talk to false Gods. Also known as the
    fallen angels in the Bible and they began worshipping them. There is an
    account in the book of Jeremiah that talks about how they were worshipping
    the queen of heaven. Basically a false god and they made idols of her. God
    warned them not to do this and to come back to him, or he would let them
    fall to their enemies, and they did just that. They ignored his warning and
    they fell victim to their own demise, as I watch this it starts of as the
    Holy use of Cannabis by the high priests. Then the use and perversion of it
    by mankind. It seems like it was a way in the old testament for God to talk
    to his people using a priest selected by him, and anyone else using it
    could fall into a deception or delusion of sorts. I have had very scary
    spiritual encounters practicing meditations and not staying anchored to
    Jesus and being strong in the Word. That’s why it seems that God came to
    die for us that mankind has been so deceived by these things that Jesus was
    the only way he could save his creation, so now instead of veneration using
    a high priest and kaneh Bosem. It’s now based on Faith that God came and
    died for all our sins. For all who Believe in his sacrifice for us. You
    just can’t focus on just one part of the Bible. Look at the whole thing.
    God talks about mankind talking to deceiving sprits and that the devil
    himself is an Angel of light. The devil told Adam and Eve that they would
    never die and are like Gods, same thing as Guruism. There is only one
    Christ, and Jesus said this would happen. That many would come saying they
    are The Christ. All these Yogi, Hindu, New Age “Gods” say this. Jesus
    Christ stands alone. He is the only one salvation is offered through. God

  12. Jim Jones
    | Reply

    too much use of the word sacred in this. cannabis is no more sacred than
    anything else. i see that people must still have this ideal that cannabis
    is sacred. i recall an ominous video i saw on the internet circa 2003 where
    a preeminent canadian cannabis activist claimed he was going to try to
    steal it from the people who had it, on the grounds that it was a mistake
    that they got it. absolutely disgusting.
    for what its worth i enjoy learning about the importance of cannabis in
    the past, thanks.
    the part of the equation that is missing, is being able to use that
    knowledge of the past to better my present situation and to better the
    future of cannabis, not as a sacred thing, but a thing as is anything else.
    and here i find myself, against something i could not hope to challenge,
    let alone defeat. a dismal situation where i must conform or become no more
    than liquidity.

  13. Danny O'Moore
    | Reply

    I know cannabis does not cause any mental illness see recent Harvard study,
    I can attest it can heal mental illness. My point; politicians are saying
    cannabis causes mental illness (regardless of true studies that show the
    benefits of cannabis)… the church is going along with that with many
    religious people calling cannabis the devils weed et al… so they are all
    calling the writers of the bible insane? No shit, funny in it.

  14. plantsinspace
    | Reply

    religion sucks and with all the nasty shit within the realms of
    religion… i’d almost prefer cannabis to NOT be associated with it. 

  15. Jocko Homo
    | Reply

    I smoke weed, but this is a crock of shite

  16. Vinton Lindo
    | Reply

    some gems in this doc … not 100% but some excellent info 

  17. LelaBay
    | Reply

    how to explain Ex.30:32 upon man’s flesh shall it NOT be poured, neither
    shall ye make any other like it,after the composition of it:it is holy,and
    it shall be holy unto you. any thoughts on this?

  18. WeedParanoiaVideos
    | Reply

    do I need to get high before watching this?

    | Reply

    a nice looking set of hypotheses polished with a thin veneer of known fact,
    an interesting paradigm drawing a lot from the likes of Robert Wright,
    however like Mr. Wright, this perception of history is a house of cards
    built on little archaeology, and much guesswork, and abstract
    interpretation of ancient symbolism. interesting, but sketchy.

  20. Raoul Duke
    | Reply

    Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga

  21. Randy Marsh
    | Reply

    I’m going to need to know the name of the instrumental track played
    throughout this video.

    Edit: Sorry it’s Hidria Spacefolk. Says so in the credits.

    Just listening to them on Youtube. Damn that’s a great band. Will have to
    buy some of their albums.

  22. Ralph Hearn jr
    | Reply

    God’s reference to the herb was the tree of life the tree of knowledge and
    wished for mankind to burn it eat it wear it trade with it and use it as a
    sacriment while worshipping the lord our God YAWEH, Jehovah

  23. Adrian Brent
    | Reply


  24. OMG
    | Reply

    This documentary is full of good information. The only problem I see with
    it, is that, the “average” christian will see Chris Bennet as a
    non-believer, which I’m pretty sure he is… This would be MUCH, MUCH,
    better done by a real christian pastor…

  25. Nous Numen
    | Reply

    One Nature used by another Nature is known as Natura Naturans! Google

  26. WeedPornDaily
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  27. karen mcardle
    | Reply

    Great idea lettin the crowd have a turn . Itl not be long and youse wont be
    able to move
    I like new name Cannabis Culture Club 🙂 =) all the best =)

  28. Pot TV
    | Reply

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