New Health Reform Legislation ? Here’s To Your Success

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So congress passed a monumental overhaul of our healthcare system and President Barak Obama signed this health care legislation into law. The overhaul has a price tag of not quite one trillion dollars. This almost incomprehensible sum of money has to come from somewhere but where exactly? Why, of course from Mr & Mrs taxpayer.

The announcement of this one trillion dollar health care overhaul legislation got my attention and caused me to do some serious thinking. It caused me to realize that outside circumstances really have no impact on one’s own personal success. Can any governmental decision – whether it’s health care overhaul, economic stimulus, bank bailouts or whatever – have an impact on how to succeed in life?

So many people today are in favor of what the government does with the economy, healthcare, foreign affairs and other issues. And an equal number are against it. But seriously, do these issues have anything to do with your own personal success? Does any of this matter to how to succeed in life?

For more than 200 years now we’ve had a government in place making decisions on the direction this country is heading. And during that entire time there have always been two schools of people; one for and one against. Has any governmental decision ever held a person back from achieving all they’re capable of?

The answer is a big, fat no! Or, saying it a different way, it will only have an impact on your level of success if you allow it to.

Over the years, regardless of what may’ve been going on in the economy and despite the decisions made by the government, people who have done very, very well for themselves have always existed. How to succeed in life does not depend on governmental decisions.

It then stands to reason that the decisions the Obama administration makes on the economy, health care or whatever should have zero impact on your success. You hold your key of how to succeed in your own hands.

No question, the decisions of government frequently force us to look at things in new ways. But, this is always a very good thing. Anybody who can adapt to changes are the ones who will always do well for themselves.

And I think we’ve all seen that the only constant we have in life is change.

Even though you won’t always see governmental decisions through rose colored glasses at least understand that it will have little to no impact on how you can succeed in life. How to succeed in life has always been and will continue to be a personal responsibility.

Those who get hung up on external affairs as reasons why they’re not able to succeed in life or in business are living in victimhood. The harsh reality of life is that there is no such thing as a successful victim.

Those who rise above external circumstances and take full responsibility for the life they’re living are the ones who will not only survive but will thrive.

It does not matter if you agree with this historic healthcare legislation passed by President Barak Obama, please understand that it really has zero impact on your potential for success.

One thing you can do to make sure you keep yourself from falling victim to any external circumstances is to surround yourself with positivity. You may think this is hokey but it’s true, it works. There is no better way to do that than to read a good, uplifting book.

Doing so will help you to filter negativity and nonsense out of your life.

Please realize that your success in not contingent on anything outside of yourself. To help you realize this fact, you can download a copy of Daniel Herzner’s free personal development book. This book has been downloaded all over the world and has helped thousands of people. You’re next. For free, immediate access please visit

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