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Inscription is a relatively new profession in World of Warcraft introduced with the WOTLK expansion. I was quick to try Inscription when it first hit my server, but wondered if I would ever make gold from this new and interesting profession?

For those who haven’t tried this primary profession yet, Inscription involves the milling of herbs to produced various pigments which in turn are then turned into Inks. Using a Virtuoso Inking set, ‘Scribes’, as they are called are able to produce a wide range of materials for the final production of Glyphs, Vellums, Tombs and Cards.

Glyphs are the new enhancements introduced with WOTLK and Scribes are able to produce a wide range of both minor and major Glyphs as they advance in skill. Major Glyphs tend to produce the greater enhancement when compared to minor Glyphs.

Glyphs are class specific and are much demand for those looking to enchance a particular characteric such as Stamina or Agility and thus sell for a reasonable amount of gold depending on supply and demand on your server. But in my experience it is the minor Glyphs that have produced some of the best gold returns on the Auction House. These Glyphs tend to be those that do way with the requirement for a particular spell reagent. An example is the Minor Glyph of Slow Fall which allows a Mage with the Slow Fall spell to no longer need the reagent of ‘Light Feather’.

This has had two effects on the WoW economy. Firstly, these minor Glyphs have increased in demand and thus command a relatively good price of gold on the Auction House. Secondly, the price of Light Feathers have greatly reduce in price. Light Feathers were always a favorite of mine to farm. But, alas, no longer. I guess the Harpies now sleep a lot safer?

Another Minor Glyph I have found to be in great demand is the Glyph of the Penguin which changes your polymorph spell from a sheep to a penguin. As Minor Glyphs have to be ‘trained’ on a daily basis and are allocated at random, it is a matter of chance if this glyph comes your way. This also reduces supply and creates another gold making opportunity for scribes.

Marcus Ty is a level 80 Alliance Mage of Stormwind and has written extensively on the art and craft of making World of Warcraft Gold. His tips and strategies are chronicled in The Journal of Marcus Ty – WoW Gold Guide which is free to subscribers. More articles may also be found on his World of Warcraft Gold Blog together with details on how to contact the great Mage.

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