Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers

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Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers
Kentucky's foray into industrial hemp has fueled a Louisville startup which is betting that natural fibers someday will become a key ingredient in hundreds of American-made products – furnace filters, kayaks, skis, even coffee mugs. Sunstrand was …
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Hemp Research Bill Gains Momentum in Pennsylvania
Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the species Cannabis sativa. Though hemp has only scant amounts of THC, marijuana's high-inducing chemical, both varieties have been illegal to grow since the federal Controlled Substances Act was passed …
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Bio-Based Hemp Plastics are Gaining Momentum
Australia is manufacturing plastics made from hemp and China is following suit. Based on the positive reactions, it's starting to look like hemp could be the answer to the global plastic pollution problem. Why Can't the Plastics of Today be Made …
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