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It is necessary for you to learn about hemp diaters whether you are expecting a baby in the next few months or not, due to anticipating environmental initiatives and promising economic ventures.


Hemp has the potential to revolutionize the entire clothing industry just as it has rendered old diaper designs and manufacturing methods completely obsolete. By no means is it a radical new discovery, hemp has been cultivated since approximately 8000 B.C., and botanists have understood hemp’s distinction from its psycho-active cousin, marijuana, since they first taxonomized the cannabis family. Botanists wisely dubbed hemp “useful cannabis.” Farmers and manufacturers are just beginning to recognize how amazingly useful hemp may become.


Hemp diapers provide agronomists and economists with tools for estimating hemp’s potential. Rigorous testing and everyday use both confirm what wise homemakers always already have known about hemp: Anything cotton can do, hemp can do better. Against every measure of fibers’ quality, hemp substantially outperforms cotton. When farmers recognize hemp’s potential as a cash crop, hemp easily could replace cotton as the world’s most popular fiber. Acre for acre, hemp yields far more fiber than cotton with far less labor. And, because hemp requires very little cultivation and absolutely no pesticide, it costs considerably less to produce than cotton. Hemp’s profit margin dwarfs cotton’s. Far more importantly over the long term, hemp does not deplete the soil, whereas cotton ravages it. Because hemp ranks among Nature’s most durable fibers, it recycles almost indefinitely, yet it also degrades relatively quickly, making it the ideal compostable fiber.


Given hemp’s profound impact on diaper manufacturing and sales, clothing manufacturers have begun considering hemp’s promise (or threat) in ready-to-wear. If, for example, Levi-Strauss switched from cotton to hemp, their already durable jeans would become almost indestructible. Translation: lower gross sales, but considerably lower operating cost, so that profit reasonably may be expected to increase. Imagine how well hemp denim would work in children’s clothing. One little pair of Oshkosh B’Gosh Overalls might last seven generations.


Some forecasters identify hemp diapers as the canary in the clothing industry’s mine. Hemp diapers’ success very well may signal radical upheaval in everything about how clothes are made, marketed, and sold.


Ashley J Michaels is an home economist.

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