Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

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If you get the moms smoking then you can get almost anybody. That’s the plan of the legal cannabis industry, and they’re searching for ways to get moms around the country to set down their wine and light up.

We travel to Denver with Jessica Roake, a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington, DC, for a mom-friendly cannabis tour. She gets blazed beyond belief in the name of market research.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses

  1. sweetswing1
    | Reply

    This woman is going to make her kids lives amazing. Weed brownies for
    everyone! Tuck in kids!

  2. pukaki brah
    | Reply

    pot addicts are the most annoying people. Cant wait till some ass hat
    addict comments saying “pot isn’t addictive” while they wouldn’t be able to
    stop smoking.

  3. VICE
    | Reply

    Are moms the next big consumer for the marijuana industry?

    More *Weediquette* here:

  4. KillEveryoneKillPhil
    | Reply

    question for the potheads- if it’s so safe to smoke then why are you so
    worried to smoke it around a kid or baby or even your pets? seems kinda
    like you are a liar. Also why do you keep saying it’s natural therefor it’s
    ok to smoke? petrol is nature too yet we don’t drink it do we?

  5. Red Pill Philosophy
    | Reply

    Am I the only one who noticed the underlying subtle hilarity throughout
    this video?

  6. WhosRezoh
    | Reply

    weed iz so bad for u it iz adicktive u fukin crakheds maryjuana iz bad

  7. TomDoesGames
    | Reply

    Everyone tells her to be slow and take her time and see what dosage suits
    her but she sucks that shit in like air and then gets too stoned and

  8. b4se
    | Reply

    I tend to agree with the mom about the naming of the strains. Some of those
    names are almost like a parody of immature burnouts. If they are looking to
    market to a larger audience they need to start naming them something less

    Maybe name it something based on it’s potency?

  9. Alexander Bartlett
    | Reply

    It isn’t scientifically addictive but neither is playing video games, but
    there are people in rehab for that. I love weed, don’t get me wrong, but I
    try to limit myself because it is addictive as these stoners wouldn’t be
    able to go a couple days without it. 

  10. SpaceManDawn
    | Reply

    Man, I get the biggest smile when I see people with the giggles.

  11. Muzikrazy213
    | Reply

    never told anybody this but my experience here (in oregon) is that my
    social skills disappear completely when i smoke. When I’m drinking, I’m
    your typical young 20 something: talkin shit, sharing stories, chattin up
    girls, etc. When I smoke the same amount that everybody else with me
    (hardcore stoners) smokes, I’m useless in social situations. If I’m alone
    and it’s just me and a girl/music/sports, I’m fine, because I can just be
    my high self and take in what’s happening before me and not worry about
    what other people are thinking of my low tolerance level, i.e. making me
    feel like the odd man out, leading to my violent streaks.. Have no idea why
    i just shared that with youtube….but yeah.

  12. Alex Bjorn
    | Reply

    I cannot tell you how many cops I have seen driving intoxicated and they
    get slapped on the hand. But, someone can’t smoke a natural plant with
    healing qualities. Alcohol kills, marijuana does not. So, we can continue
    to allow Cartels to sell it illegally, or we can make it legal and tax it?
    What will it be US? There’s a video of a former narcotics cop from TEXAS
    who teaches you to smoke, grow pot without being spotted, sell, and deal
    drugs without being busted. 

  13. Gerardo Salas
    | Reply

    VICE: “the world is changing” around you and all you can make videos about
    are a bunch of wretches smoking weed and people having sex. Such a shame. 

  14. PunkdRebel
    | Reply

    I can safely say after this I would absolutely hate a stoner mother. I feel
    like the house would be chaos and nothing would ever get done or looked
    after properly. Especially as a younger child.

    As an adult now, I would still hate it – I wouldn’t want to see my mother
    monged out and high. It’s a false sense of happiness. I’d rather have a
    giggly moment and share a good memory with her with us both sober. We don’t
    need to be high.

  15. Anastasia Ye
    | Reply

    This is disgusting. You’re a mom. Be responsible to your kids! YOU decided
    you want to bring them to this world. I hate parents who smoke pot or
    cigarette or drinks regularly. That’s nasty as fuck. If you’re too immature
    to put your children over your desire to have fun, then don’t have them

  16. Katie Newmeyer
    | Reply

    I get annoyed with them constantly saying that what they are doing is
    legal. That’s incorrect! All of this activity is still against Federal law
    and the federal government could arrest everyone partaking in it, and shit
    down all the businesses at any time.

  17. Isalet Mendez
    | Reply

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, the mom is tripping ; )

  18. Daniel Alex
    | Reply

    Genesis 1:12 – I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to

  19. Andrew Isaacs
    | Reply

    At 16:12 I notice a joint on the table burning up but no one hitting it and
    I’m fixated on the fact 

  20. Weedz420
    | Reply

    My mom’s been smoking weed for like twice as long as me … untapped market
    my ass.

  21. Radd Dailey
    | Reply

    Now that the RICH cocksucker bankers can get their CUT from the sale of
    this shit, it’s LEGAL. IT WAS NEVER BECAUSE they feared for YOUR health.
    They don’t give a F***K if you live or die. They just want your
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And that’s WHY WEED is now LEGAL and several states are
    moving toward legalizing it. NO OTHER REASON, PERIOD! Just pay
    COCKEFELLER and RATSDICK their cut and you can have HEMLOCK and KILL
    YOURSELF if you want. They don’t care if us fucking SWARTHY SKINNED WOGS
    die from abusing substances. Welcome to AmeriKKKa. 

  22. Natalia K
    | Reply

    Good news, dudes! Looking forward to numerous recreational centres across
    Europe with legal weeds, coke, heroin and anything you wish, plus legal
    prositution on the top. So many business ideas it can produce in a smart
    business brain and investors craving for new businesses to cash on! New
    profitable lines for pharmaceutical giants, different sorts of
    @”recreational” instructors and therapists, bankers giving @”quick and
    easy” credits on “one more shot”. That is the shortest way to “egalite,
    liberte and even fraternite” while the stuff is working in your organism
    and you have enough money for that.

  23. channelswimmer
    | Reply

    um no. mom’s aren’t going to start smoking pot. faggots.

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