Industrial Hemp Testimony at The Oregon State Capitol

Director Rod Pitman chronicles the state of Oregon’s historic attempt to legislate the legalization of industrial hemp. Although this initial attempt failed, the documentary remains a teaching tool to help citizens of The United States legalize the production of hemp as a alternative to petroleum based products in their state. Anything that can be made from oil can be made from hemp. Industrial hemp provides food, fiber, fuel, medicine and hemp plastics. If the United States Congress were to allow the individual states to manage the production of industrial hemp, this would produce sustainable jobs to help save the health of the planet as well as local and global economies.

The year is 1999, North Dakota, Hawaii and Minnesota have passed legislation allowing their farmers to grow industrial hemp. The Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to hear actor Woody Harrelson’s case, which challenges Kentucky law that classifies hemp as marijuana.

The Oregon State House Agriculture and Forestry Committee heard house Bill 2933 sponsored by Rep. Floyd Prozanski which would let Oregon farmers grow hemp, a cousin to marijuana that is useless for drug purposes but whose fibers, seeds, and oil have a multitude of industrial uses.

Seven of the nine members of the House Agriculture and Forestry Committee including Chairman Larry Wells, R-Jefferson had told Prozanski they were willing to send the bill out for a floor vote. House Speaker Lynn Snodgrass told Wells not to take up the bill again. Wells, agreed that Prozanski probably had the votes to send the bill to the floor. But, he said, he had hearing on the bill, and would not bring it up for a committee vote unless she approved.

Lynn Snodgrass, Speaker of the House of Representatives for the state of Oregon did not approve of the bill. Subsequently, it died April 30, 1999, without being put to a vote by the representatives of the state of Oregon.

Doug Ross Presents
in association of
Rod Pitman Productions
Total Running Time: 59:30

Industrial Hemp Testimony
at The Oregon State Capitol
Salem, Oregon
Aprill 22, 1999

Executive Producer: Doug Ross
Producer: Rod Pitman
Associate Producer: Brett Eichenberger
Camera: Brett Eichenberger
Editor: Bret Eichenberger
Director: Rod Pitman

TRIVIA: The large bail of industrial hemp the director “illegally” drove to the hearing to be used as a prop can be seen in the documentary.

Rod Pitman went on to executive produce and secure global distribution for the documentary Hempsters – Plant The Seed starring Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson. Pitman’s film [Director] Norml Life about Medical Marijuana and The National Organization for The Reform of Marijuana Laws is scheduled for release in August of 2011. Both films are distributed by Cinema Libre’ Studios.
Video Rating: 5 / 5